Sunday, September 5, 2010

Trace Trail Flooding and Indian Cave Pictoraphs


Since my return from the summer in Ripon, Wisconsin, I have ridden a few time to the south on the Trace Trail from the Peru Depot--and gone on a couple walks as well.

I will add to the photographs from these excursions.

I managed to ride south to Honey Creek Bridge and will try

to push further south as the waters recede. The overgrown quality of the bridge area and the lack of crops underscore the extent of the flood damage, obvious from the levee dam to the bridge.


On Saturday, 4 September, I went early in the morning to Indian Cave State Park
where as part of the Labor Day Weekend festivities, I gave a presentation of my bird photography in the one-room schoolhouse there.

PSC Wildlife Management graduate Kristen Boos and a member of the PSC Pep Band (I will get her name) helped me set up for the sparse audience.

I drove around the park Saturday morning and visited for the first time in eighteen years--since the last nasty floods afflicted this part of the state--the area near the Missouri River that features Indian Pictographs such as the following two I photographed Saturday:

As pictures posted from yesterday's excursion suggest, Indian Cave SP has a lot to offer, from a relaxing drive near the Missouri River to a interesting look at candle making and metal working.

When you have the time, visit Indian Cave State Park.


S Club Mama said...

Anthony & I have taken the boys to the trail in Peru to run a few of these past weekends. We thought the water would be receded when you run left...but we had to turn around (this was probably 3 weeks ago at least). It is a beautiful trail to run on, though.

Anonymous said...

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