Thursday, September 30, 2010

Marcus is Walking

The Peru Theater Company's production of Marcus is Walking delighted those lucky enough to attend from Thursday through Sunday.

I attended on Wednesday night the dress rehearsal and took quite a few photograph of the eleven sequences that make up the play.

Everyone connected with this effort did an excellent job, and the audiences appreciated their efforts.

To see the names of all those involved in Marcus is Walking, just click on the images at the conclusion of this post.

I also went to the play Friday night (before heading to
Cotty's for Soul Specimen) and recorded video sequences from all eleven parts of the play. As with the photographs, I wanted to get some footage of all the actors.

You can watch in High-Density scenes from the play on You Tube: Marcus is Walking Part One and Marcus is Walking Part Two.

Enjoy the pictures and the video and congratulate when you see them everyone who played a role in this further evidence of drama's presence on the Campus of a Thousand Oaks.

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