Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Madrigal Dinners, December 11 and 12

On the evenings of Friday, December 11, and Saturday, December 12, the college hosted the annual and always colorful Madrigal Dinner.

This year's fanfare attracted impressive crowds on both nights, and Dr. Tom Ediger's Madrigal Singers provided beautiful voices and a
fun-filled new opera, Nerdwell: From Clod to King.

This year's opera also featured the first death scene in the many years the Madrigal Singers have entertained at the semester's conclusion.

And the king's multiple final breaths--I lost count--certainly proved, well, operatic.

In addition to including a first death scene, this play featured what you see in two of the preceding images and the one that follows here: Megan Katz created


I had the good fortune to attend each of the two performances and took multiple photographs and some video for your enjoyment:

Photographs: First Night Action and Second Night Action; at the conclusion of the first night, we gathered everyone for a series of posed shots that include the ritual of kissing the pig, a time-honored tradition that is, well, pretty disgusting.

Though as the photograph on the right indicates, some find the repelling compelling.

In addition to the photographs--and you can download single
shots or the entire albums--I posted on You Tube the following videos from the second evening.

Four Scenes from Nerdwell: From Clod to King.

Prince Nerdwell of Geek (David Norris) Sings about Breaking Up

The Madrigal Singers Perform PDQ Bach's Renaissance Hit, "Throw the Yule Log on Uncle John."

Enjoy the fanfare.

I include here a video with music from "Silent Night" and images from various band and choral performances from Fall Term--the various music groups at Peru State College wish one and all a wonderful holiday season.

Click on the Image to Read the Cast

Many Thanks to the Graduating Seniors for Their Years of Excellence

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