Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Real Snow of the Year

Snow Day!

Blizzard-like conditions prevailed for most of the afternoon; the snow lets up a bit at 4:00 PM when I post this link.

I did not get the message last night about Peru State's closing for the day, Tuesday, 8 December--the old-model computer I worked with here did not for some reason register the information.

Well, I tried to go to school at 11:00 AM for Student Senate but realized quickly what had happened.

Determined to take some photographs of the birds that gathered at my bird bath and feeders, including ten or so Blue Birds, I discovered that my cameras lacked batteries, which recharged in the office.

So, at 11:30, I walked and stumbled through the beautiful snow to school and, cameras charged, took photographs of the snow and the happy faces that greeted me here and there.

To see what you missed today or to view the beautiful campus in a place of warmth, take a look at the images from Peru State College during a rather heavy snow. You should be able to download all or selected photographs with a click.

I am pretty sure that I managed to photograph the requisite Bobcats. In addition, over the past two days, many birds visited my feeders, including a surprise Yellow-rumped Warbler; I uploaded images and will add to them over the next few days.


Phil Davis said...

Pictures like this really make me miss the compus of a 100 oaks. I really need to get back down there some time.

Anonymous said...
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bradleyjdor said...

The Best is the campus with a blanket of white. love it. Thanks for the Blog Dr. B. keep up the good work.