Monday, November 2, 2009

Ted Harshbarger's Transformation

In the preceding photograph, Ted Harshbarger poses with the 1971 Peru State College Homecoming Queen, Vicki (Hall) Beilke.

As many of you might have noticed at Homecoming, Ted has gone blond.

I asked Ted the genesis of this new do, and he wrote me the following description:

Nebraska Phi Beta Lambda does a Husker Raffle every year which I provide all of the prizes for annually. Each year, as a little incentive, I usually offer some type of challenge for them. Three years ago, they finally raised enough to have my mustache shaved. This year, if $1500 was raised statewide, I said I would go blond.

If they raised $1,750, I said I would do a blue mohawk. Well, they raised $1,824 so you have the results. Obviously, my hair was not long enough to do a true mohawk so we compromised with the blue mini-mohawk which turned purple and black. But, you have the pictures to see it was blue at one point.

Well, I think that he just wants to have fun.

Peggy Groff supplied me with a series of photographs from which I made a film posted on You Tube and supplied here for your amusement.

Oh, enjoy the song.

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