Monday, November 2, 2009

Bonfire and Homecoming


This year, Homecoming fell on Halloween, which made for an especially fun-filled week at the
college, which included an excellent football game in which the Bobcats defeated William Penn University to move to 6-3 on the year.

Student Senate, which organized the Homecoming Parade, also added some effective Halloween decor in front of the Student Center.

The preceding link will take you to the Student Senate photograph page which includes other images from this campus group's work.

This year for the first time in too many years, various campus groups--including the
Cheerleaders, Athletics, Pep Band, CAP, and Student Senate--joined the Fire Department, Decker's, and others to bring the Homecoming Bonfire back to town.

The Pep Band led the Cheerleaders, students, and representatives of the football, volleyball, and cross country teams down to the lot south of Decker's were they all gathered to light the rain-soaked wood.

As the photographs suggest, the fire burnt hot, and quickly, and we
will work to ensure larger crowds and more energy next year.

But the bonfire has returned to where it belongs.

I enjoyed announcing the Homecoming Parade for the 16th time and the pleasure of my company, Mara Giles and daughter Sofia pictured here.

Well, the combination of Homecoming and Halloween goes very well and manifested itself in entertaining ways, especially with the Pep Band, as the following few photographs suggest.

I took a few photographs at the game to share with you and hope that you enjoy the short video from the Bonfire and Homecoming; the movie features the Peru State Fight song.

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