Saturday, October 24, 2009

Waldorf College vs Peru State

Today, October 23, Peru State won its fourth football game in a row. They played Waldorf College, the college at which Dr. Dan Hanson served for many years before becoming our president this year.

I was very pleased to learn from Waldorf folks who traveled to Peru to see game and Dan and Elaine Hanson how much they miss our new

Athletic Recruitment Day also took place today.

Quite a few high-school senior athletes visited our campus and took part in various activities ; they enjoyed a good game, and I got to talk with four potential Art students and their parents about the college.

The game also featured the Make A Difference fund drive organized by Becky Colling, Lyndsay Drumm, and Krista Patton.

As the following couple photographs indicate, Becky, Liyndsay, and Krista's efforts paid off, for folks donated various items and money for the Siena Francis Homeless Shelter in Omaha.

And finally, this morning the Peru State Cheer Squad held its Youth
Cheerleader Camp, and the youngsters provided the football game's halftime entertainment.

As these photographs indicate, Bobcat fans and friends enjoyed themselves at the game on a mostly beautiful autumn afternoon.

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