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Music Faculty Recital, 17 February 2009

Music Faculty Recital, February 17, 2009

Plutalov, Ediger, Edris, and Meints

This Tuesday evening at 7:30 in Benford, Tom Ediger, David Edris, Kenneth Meints, and Denis Plutalov gave the final Faculty Recital in Benford Hall before the upcoming renovation of the Fine Arts Buildng.

The variety of the music and the excellence of the performances drew enthusiastic applause from those lucky enough to attend.

As usual, take a look at the slide show, this one on Flickr.

The evening began with Aeolian II, Tom Ediger on Piano and Dave Edris on Trumpet. They played Joseph Kaminsky's "Concertino for Trumpet & Orchestra."

I posted on YouTube sections of Aeolian's performing both "Un Poco Vivaldi" and "Tarantella." Give the videos a watch, and in high quality. After Tom Ediger and David Edris concluded their section of the program, Kenneth Meints took the stage with his Trombone.

You can view his playing J. S. Bach (Suite No. 3 BWV 1009) in what sounds like a continuous breath. Ken also joined with Tom for their rendition of Peter Tchaikowsky's Chanson Triste.

After Ken Meints played another solo, Elegy for Mippy II, a Leonard Bernstein (Mippy was a dog) piece, Denis Plutalov took the stage.

His playing Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" thrilled the crowd--Dennis has this piece published on You Tube.

And I recorded his playing for your entertainment his performance for the Benford Recital Hall audience "Sigmund's Love Song."

I hope that you enjoy the music as much as the music faculty members' efforts pleased the appreciative crowd.

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