Thursday, February 26, 2009

Honors Choir at Peru State College

Honor Choir Performs on February 24 in the College Theater

As high school singers did last year, some two-hundred and fifty excellent voices practiced most of Tuesday here on campus, efforts that culminated that evening in a well-attended choral concert that included a performance by Peru State's Misty Blues, whose also danced their way across the stage this past Sunday.

The show also featured Dr. Tom Ediger, the choral director, and Denis Plutalov's piano playing.

The large group of students came from the following Nebraska and Missouri high schools: Weeping Water, Rock Port (MO), Yutan, Ralston, Pawnee City, Nebraska City, McCool Junction, Louisville, Lincoln High School, Johnson County, Friend, Elmwood-Murdock, and Craig (MO).

And as the following couple images indicate, the students enjoyed more than singing at the College of a Thousand Oaks:

As usual, I created a slide show and pictures at Flickr for your enjoyment.

In the evening, the Honors Choir singers joined the Peru State Concert Choir for the culmination of the Choral Festival. With Denis Plutalov on the piano and Dr. Tom Ediger on the director's stand, the group of just under three hundred voices performed a number of pieces.

On You Tube, I published video of the group's performances of both Ludwig van Beethoven's "Hallelujah" (from "The Mount of Olives") and Joseph M. Martin's beautiful "The Awakening." (Clicking "Higher Quality) makes a profound difference.)

Enjoy the festivities.


Sara B. Crook said...

These are great pictures. Thanks for your willingness to do this for the campus!

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