Sunday, February 24, 2008

Peru State College Choral Concert on Sunday, February 24

The Peru State Concert Choir, Madrigal Singers, and the Misty Blues performed this Sunday in the Peru State College Theater.

You can see a slide show and download pictures from the three sections of the concert at which the students performed with both enthusiasm and excellence. Here you will find pictures of the Concert Choir. Most of my pictures of the Madrigal Singers did not come out, for which I am sorry; at this site, you will find the five that did not come out horribly out of focus. But for better Madrigal Singer times, check out again the Madrigal Dinner before Christmas, for some of the pictures turned out very well. And I posted quite a few shots of the Misty Blues that I hope you will enjoy.

The preceding links will take you to the "grid" choice of the
Gallery photographs. Certainly watch a slide show, but experiment with the other options as well, for both Mosaic and the Carousal provide interesting perspectives. And remember that you can download the entire album and/or individual shots.

As usual, Dr. Tom Ediger and students put on an exciting show. If you missed the performances or if you just want to remember the fun, watch the following videos from the concert I recorded and posted on You Tube.

First up are a couple numbers from the Concert Choir. The first number featured here by the choir actually came last, as choir tradition dictates--listen to the Peru State College Song:

The Concert Choir also sang the "Choir of the Office Clerks," a humorous song which includes some lines about a haughty Tenor. Imagine that!

The Madrigal Singers' harmonious voices contributed a fun number, "The Sound of Pipe and Drum":

And, as always, the Misty Blues rounded out an exciting afternoon of music. Here the dancers entertain with their lively conclusion to "Jambalaya" and then will give you coffee-induced jitters with their hilarious and energetic version of "Coffee in a Cardboard Cup":


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