Sunday, March 27, 2016

ICFA 37 Flash Play Festival, March 18, 2016

On Thursday night of our annual and wonderful ICFA convention in Orlando, I took photographs of the five flash plays that Sean Dixon recorded on my video camera.

Here in Nebraska, I formatted the data into five separate plays in HD.  You can watch the play on the blog or just click on the title to go directly to You Tube.

Written by Matthew Sanborn Smith

Brett Cox as Roy
Jennifer Gunnels as Eve
Alayne Peterson as Annie

Directed by Carrie J. Cole

Play TWO
Written by Andy Duncan

James Patrick Kelley as Verden Fell
Stephanie Neeley as Rowena Trevanion
Frances Auld  as Talise Tremaine
Directed by Kelli Shermeyer



Written by Jeannie Beckwith

Andy Duncan as Ernie
John Kessel as Leo

Directed by Carrie J. Cole

 Play Four:

Written by James Patrick Kelley
Francine Auld as Emily
Alayne Peterson as Tonya
Max Gladstone as Manny

Directed by Kelli Shermeyer

Play FIVE:

Written by Kit Reed

Max Gladstone as Bob
Jennifer Gunnels as Cora
Marco Palmieri as Alphonse
Directed by Carrie J. Cole


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