Friday, January 22, 2016

Ken Anderson Retrospective Show, January-February

I walked over to the reception at 1:00 and was most pleased to see a large crowd right when the reception began.

I remember some 24 years ago when Ken told me, the first fall after my arrival that he planned to retire in 24 years and move to Woonsocket, South Dakota.  And so he will. 

Jerry Martin, former VPAA at Peru State College, and Suzi Martin walked over to the show with me.  

Good to see the Beykes there, whom I have
not see in years.  And I was most relieved to know that their very bright daughter, who had signed up to be an English major and took Freshman Composition with me, did not leave PSC because I drove her away!

I enjoyed talking as well with other folks, many of which I had not seen in years.

I posted only a few pictures, for I did not stay all that long.

The show runs until February 12.


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