Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hall of Fame Dinner 2015

1996 Championship Softball Team
Cory Catterson
Kristi Herman
Ron Kelley
Tom Shea

All the winners and more populate the photographs I took from the dinner.  As always with these events and the photographs posted, feel free to download and use the images as you like.

Coach Mark Matthews, who arrived here the same year I started, some twenty-three years ago, celebrates at the Hall of Fame Dinner in this video one of Peru's greatest softball teams.

In addition to Mark's comments, I also recorded the remarks by three of the stars of the 1996 team and will add their names later.  What fun to watch these friends, many of whom had not seen one another for twenty years, start up right where they left off:  more than a little fun to behold.

New members Cory Catterson, Kristi Herman, and Ron Kelly address the audience:

Coach of the PSC Bobcat  NAIA National Championship Football Team, Tom Shea, shares some of his memories and thoughts:

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