Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Brain Trust 2013

As I did last year at around this time of the late term, I visited and took pictures of the Brain Trust activities sponsored by the School of Education and organized by Darolyn Seay and Gina Bittner (pictured on the right).
In response to my asking Gina for some information, she sent me the following responseThe Brain Quest event started in Fall ’06 (my first semester here!) as a way to show students that math can be FUN.  

Each semester, elementary math methods (and since Fall ’11, science methods as well) teacher candidates plan hands-on, standards based lessons and implement them in a day of rotating stations.  

This semester, HTRS, Johnson-Brock, Falls City, Auburn, and Rock Port (MO) 3rd graders, totaling 190 students, enjoyed this special day!

And as these photographs from my visit underscore, the teacher candidates and the 190 youngsters enjoyed a good time and learned a think or two about, among other things, construction and the weather.


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