Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chet and Bill in Tarkio

For the tenth or eleventh year in a row--Chet and I cannot keep the years straight or remember out lines, even when we read from "Green Eggs and Ham"--on Monday, March 4, Chet and I headlined the Dr. Seuss Celebration at Tarkio Elementary School in Missouri.
 As the photographs should indicate, the youngsters in Kindergarten and First Grade, the teachers, and we two enjoyed a wonderful time.

I read "Hop and Pop" to the children, and afterwards, they hopped and popped on plastic bubbles--you will see the fun in the first of the two videos.

And then Chet Harper entertained the group with "The Cat in The Hat."  After the reading, everyone gathered in a circle and sang the "Green Eggs and Ham" song.

Before enjoying in the cafeteria some green eggs and ham and green pineapple juice, along with Cat In the Hat cupcakes, the students watched as Chet and I "performed" our manic version of "Green Eggs and Ham."

Video TWO:  Green Eggs and Ham




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