Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving at the Farm House

                                              Cary, Linda, and Leah Clemente

Wednesday night, Linda drove to the country house from Wisconsin; and after eleven, Cary and Leah arrived from Boulder and Denver to spend Thanksgiving here, the first time the four of us have managed to get together for the holiday.   Nice to have three cars in the driveway.

We enjoyed two busy days, and I introduced the family to my friends who like me because I offer them apples and pears.  And as the following photograph indicates, my bovine buddies do not mind at all my fashionable attire.

Thanksgiving Day, we paid Bill and Shirley Snyder a visit and dropped off some Wisconsin Blue Cheese and some Avery Brewing Beer that Cary brought along to share.  We stayed long enough to terrorize the cat, as the photographs indicates.

I am glad that all four of us got to see Bill and Shirley, for we seldom appear together  here in Nebraska.  But now I live pretty much half way between Linda and the children, which is pretty cool.

After this pleasant visit, we four joined Bill Newman at Tom Ediger's for the Thanksgiving feast he prepared, with all manner of good things to go with the chicken and the prime rib.  

What fun to join family and friends for a few hours of food and fun.  And Tom prepared a wonderful meal.  After leaving, we returned to the farm house for a quiet evening, which included one of our favorite family films, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. 

On Friday we all drove to  near Papillion to visit the Nebraska Brewing Company for lunch and some of the company's best in beer. 

We enjoyed the food and the beer and arrived in time to watch Nebraska beat Iowa.  I loved the India Pale Ale.

My son is the head canner at Avery Brewing Comapny in Boulder, Colorado; as matters turn out, the owners and the brewers at the Nebraska Brewing Company sat with us for quite a while and shared some of their special brew--great stuff.

Mostly, of course, they wanted to talk beer with Cary!

 So, as the collected shots indicate, we passed two full days of food and fun, and I hated to see the three of them leave the drive way on Saturday morning.  But in three weeks--after Madrigal Dinner and other school-related events, I will see everyone for Christmas.


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