Monday, January 23, 2012

Enrique's Journey at Peru State College

One Tuesday, January 23, Sonia Nazario--Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for the Los Angles Times and author of the acclaimed book Enrique's Journey--visited Peru State College.

For good reason, Isabelle Allende describes Nazario's book as "a 21st century

To learn more about the book and the people whose trials and travels the narrative chronicles, including updates on their lives since the publication of Enrique's Journey, just follow the preceding link.

Sonia Nazario won a Pulitzer for her newspaper articles on
the subject of Enrique, and photo-journalist Don Bartletti won a Pulitzer Prize for his photography; this interview with Jody Hammond, a journalist for Stories de la Frontera, features Bartletti and his photographs taken for Nazario's articles for the Los Angles Times.

And this recent story about migrants on The Train of Death--trains on which Enrique traveled on his terrible journey from Honduras to the Rio Grande River--underscores how the peril for these immigrants continues to grow. And you might also enjoy this first of a four-part interview of Nazario by Connie Martinson.

I published a series of photographs from Sonia Nazario's presentation Tuesday night and enjoyed,
prior to her talk, dining with her and a group of Peru State Students.

In addition to photographs, I also took took some video clips from Sonia Nazario's riveting talk about Enrique's journey and her own experiences retracing his often harrowing voyage.

Enrique's Journey Part One includes Nazario's discussion of her motivations both to become a journalist and to pursue the story of the impoverished people who flee Central America, an investigation that let her to Enrique.

And in Part Two, Sonia Nazario talks about the obstacles that confronted Enrique on his odyssey to reunite with his
mother in North Carolina and Nazario's own experiences riding the violence-plagued trains that carried Enrique north to the Rio Grande River.

Read the book.

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