Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Second PSC Oakstock Music Festival

On Friday, August 27, 2010, the Black Student Union sponsored the Second Annual Oakstock Music Festival.

The day of music featured bands from throughout the area, including some familiar faces and sounds.

By all accounts, the audience enjoyed a great deal the all-day festivities. I uploaded for your viewing pleasure a number of photographs from the day and evening festivities.

And to download either single images or the entire album, just click the appropriate link.

I made a point of seeing two bands that night, Soul Specimen and Escape the Fire,
groups I have recorded in the past(Soul Specimen and Escape the Fire--check out their Face Book pages linked previously.

Experimenting with my new HD camera, I loaded on You Tube videos of the bands.

In one video, Soul Specimen offers a spirited rendition Pipeline by the Chantays.

And you will enjoy the video of two other familiar tunes from Friday's fun-filled night of music and fire flies.

After Soul Specimen's performance, Escape the Fire took the stage. Take the time to listen to two of their songs on You Tube. The band entertains with one of their well known songs, "Alone in my Garden" and a new tune, "Wake Up Call."

You will find a few photographs from the bands at the link for the Oakstock images.

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