Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Faculty Center and Discussion Series

Judith Ruskamp, Christy Hutichson, Bill Snyder, Cheryl Blue and Dan Holtz

Thanks to the hard work of Bill Snyder and his fellow committee members and the gracious support of VPAA Todd Drew, the Peru State Faculty gained this fall a beautiful place for informal chats, meetings, and sharing of expertise.

Located upstairs in the PSC Library and affording a beautiful view of the campus, the new Faculty Center is a welcome addition.

The room offers comfortable seating for quiet reading and conversation and tables for committee meetings, from Faculty Senate to Assessment.

A great place for lunch and afternoon coffee and tea, the room also contains a microwave and a coffee and tea maker.

Another new and most welcome addition to the Campus of a Thousand Oaks, President Dan Hanson attended the official opening of the center.

President Dan Hanson and Elaine Hanson continue to make a positive impression on the campus and throughout the communities PSC serves.

The Faculty Center also hosts frequent discussions by members of
the PSC Faculty. Last month, for example, Dan Holtz and Sara Crook offered a presentation on their popular Tales and Trails summer sessions.

And last week, Bill Snyder talked with a number of faculty about the current economic crises, its roots and potential outcomes.

And in recognition of his efforts in support of faculty and their
endeavors over the past many years, his peers bestowed on Bill Snyder an honor that I know put an evident lilt in his step.

The series of discussions that take place in the Faculty Center now bears the name of "The Bill Snyder Faculty Discussion Series, Growing Ideas."

The tribute honors a great friend of mine, so I am deliciously pleased to recognize him here.

Congratulations, Bill

(Oh, coaches offices once occupied the space where the Faculty Center now sits; Bill informed me that as a freshman at PSC, he learned in those offices that one never bets with coaches.

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