Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Visit to Lodi Marsh

Lodi Marsh in June

In June, I returned to Lodi Marsh, Wisconsin, where I visited last year with my Biology friend Beth Middleton and then later with my wife, Linda.

The preceding link explains the marsh's importance, and the photographs suggest something of the area's diversity of landscape.

This year, I tagged along with Beth and her assistant, Ebo; both are pictured on the left here as they mark GPS coordinates after having discovered, as I recall, an orchid.

Despite 90-degree weather and uncomfortable at times humidity, we waded in the icy and refreshing spring waters and hoked along the marsh's perimeters and the native Cattails (Pictured on the right) for nearly five hours.

This time around, Beth concentrated my getting photographs of some of the threatened moths for which the area is noted.

I got some interesting pictures of moths and bogs. As matters turned out, noting we managed to photograph registered on any lists of threatened species. We got quite a few bug photographs, however, among the other images I posted.

Three of my favorite insects follow here:

I understand that the Lodi River offers native Brown Trout, so I might just make a trip to the area before my summer here in Wisconsin draws to a conclusion around the middle of August.

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