Monday, May 18, 2009

April 30, Peru State College Appreciation Day

After returning from my visit to Calvert Elementary School, I helped with and took photographs of the Student Senate's final major event of the Spring Term, Peru State College Appreciation Day from 4:00-7:00 at Cotty's Restaurant.

Over one hundred forty members of the Peru State College community participated in this first off-campus event of its kind that Student Senate has sponsored.

A look at the photographs underscores that everyone enjoyed Cotty's chicken wings, a friendly environment, and good music for three hours at the term's conclusion--and the baseball team won as well.

The Student Senate--for which I serve as co-Sponsor along with Ted Harshbarger--offers special thanks to Cotty's Restaurant for their wonderful hospitality and generous support of this and many other college-related events.

We hope to repeat this event and perhaps to sponsor others that bring the Peru State College and Peru communities together.

CAAB also helped with this event, and Casey's donated many of the door prizes given away during the festivities.

The Student Senate also thanks in particular graduating senior Josh Gibbs for his concerted efforts over the past many weeks to bring this event to fruition.
He overcame many obstacles and ensured through his hard work a well-organized and successful PSC Appreciation Day.

And for three hours, "Escape the Fire" provided energetic entertainment for the crowd of Cotty's chicken-wing fans.

Having forgotten my camera earlier in the day amidst the third graders, I could not include a video of the band in action--the members include three talented Peru State College students who also take part in either the Jazz Ensemble or the Misty Blues.

Escape the Fire is Kevin Krause, Michael Parde, Logan Merz, and Todd Krause.

I enjoyed the event and look forward to the next installment.

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