Friday, January 16, 2009

Randy Waln Show at the Peru State College Gallery

Exhibition of Randy Waln's Art

From 7:00-8:00, in the Peru State College Gallery, the Opening and the Reception took place for Graphic Arts Professor Randy Waln's latest show.

Randy Walk with Doc Sherwood

This particular show features Randy's latest work and some photo-illustrations of the Campus of a Thousand Oaks.

In his brief talk to the impressive number of people who attended the opening, Walk noted that since his coming seven years ago to Peru, birds played an increasingly important role in his graphic art.

This show in particular features a number of birds who lost lives due to some unintended circumstances, where snared in barbed wire in the photograph on the left or dined on by a Sharp-shinned Hawk in Randy's backyard where the birds enjoy the many feeding stations Randy and Ursula Waln maintain.

The slide show features more of the bird-inspired work and some images from the other part of Waln's exhibit, photo/illustrations of the Peru State Campus pictured here.

To appreciate more fully the variety and the excellence of the work, drop by the gallery 8:30 am and 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.

The Art Gallery is located in the A. V. Larson Building on campus. You can also make an appoint to view the works by calling 872-2271 or e-mailing Professor Ken Anderson:

But do make a point of visiting the gallery to appreciate more fully Professor Randy
Waln's thoughtful work.

Bea and John Patterson

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