Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Marketing Management Class and the Durham Museum

Management Marketing Class Project 2008

Last week, Dr. Bill Snyder's Management Marketing class gave a presentation in Benford Hall to a small group of people, who offered a critique of the group's work on this year's project. Those who offered suggestions included Dean Bruce Batterson, the Mayor of Auburn, Bob Engles, and Dennis Wittmann, President of the Auburn City Council.

Many will remember that the Management Marketing class last year organized an on-line contest that served to identify the Seven Wonders of Southeast Nebraska; read the Lincoln Journal Star article here.

The Peru State College Campus of a Thousand Oaks made the list, and the Trace Trail and Sherman Memorial Area earned second place.

To read more about the trail and the sculptures just visit this site.

This year's project focuses on the Durham Western Heritage Museum.

The Durham Western Heritage Museum contacted the Peru State College Marketing Management class to develop brochures for its summer camps.

The class developed three alternative brochures and presented their creations to a focus group of young mothers and fathers. The class took the suggestions and criticism and modified the original creations into one summer brochure and one summer camp brochure.

The last step in the process will be to present the proposal to the Durham Museum as if the class were a for profit marketing firm.

Members of the class include the following individuals pictured below: Joe De Kock, Jeff Friedman, Ashley Grant, Lacee Gustafson, William Hays, Gary Lux, Joshua Mount, Kelley Scanlan, Dustin Sealy, and Mary Trecek.

I posted a few pictures from the presentation.

On Wednesday, December 10, the group gave a very successful presentation to enthusiastic museum officials. The the Durham Museum will utilize the fruits of the Peru State College class's projects described in the preceding paragraphs.

Congratulations to all members of Dr. Bill Snyder's Management Marketing class for another successful community project.

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