Friday, September 26, 2008

Ornithology Outing with Dr. John Hnida

Ornithology and Mammalogy Class Outings

Trace Trail on a Bright Fall Morning

I will record these individual events as they occur, adding to the blog material and the slide show. You will have to forgive a bit of disorganization. Thus far, the blog records the following events that do not appear in chronological order in the following descriptions (I will try to remember, however, to use different color:

Trace Trail Birding (September 26)

Raptor Recovery Team Visit (October 3)

Trace Trail Walk from Brownville (October 17)

On Wednesday morning (September 26), I accompanied Dr. John Hnida's Ornithology and Mammalolgy class on a birding venture along the Trace Trail south of the Peru Trail Head.
As the photograph that tops the page emphasizes, we enjoy beautiful weather for our two-hour stroll.
Although he birds did not cooperate as much as we would have liked, everyone saw and heard a mass of Blue Jays and assortment of woodpeckers, including Red-bellied and Red-headed, with a few Flickers in the mix: lots of immature birds.

I began a series of photographs and will add to them over the course of the semester.

On October 3, the Raptor Recovery group will visit John's class, and I plan this term to drive to the Raptor Recovery center to learn more and to take pictures.

The center of attraction for the Trace Trail trip pictured on the above left sports a red flickering tongue instead of feathers.

As indicated previously, the Raptor Recovery folks--Nancy Hinnah and Betsy Fitch--visited on Friday, October 3, from Elmwood, home of the Raptor Recovery Team; and I added some photographs from the presentation that included a Broad-shouldered Hawk, a Mississippi Kite, a European Barn Owl, and a feisty Burrowing Owl.

In addition to the Burrowing Owl pictured below, you will find a couple photographs at the bottom of this blog and added to the photography link for Ornithology and Mammalogy.

So keep checking the pictures.

Burrowing Owl

European Barn Owl

I missed the October 10 small mammal trapping trip on which the class caught mice and voles. But my schedule allowed me to accompany the group the following Friday.

Our walk on October 17 along the Trace Trail for around 90 minutes north of Brownville left everyone very wet and more than a little muddy, for thunderstorms swept through the area. The sun, however, did make an appearance as we left the area.

We saw a few woodpeckers and heard White-breasted Nuthatches and White-throated Sparrows. And a couple members of the group, people experienced in these matters, saw a Bobcat cross the path.

As the following image indicates, the students stood up to the inclement weather; you will find a few additional photographs at the link earlier in the post.

Ornithology and Mammalogy Class at Brownville Trace Trail Head

I plan a visit in the near future to the Raptor Recovery Center in Elmwood and will add a series of photographs from my visit there.

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