Monday, July 21, 2008

Florida Birds and Salvador Dali

Glossy Ibis in Sun Bright Flight

The week after the Trace Trail Photography Run that follows this posting, Linda, my wife, and I went to Sarasota to visit for a week her mother.

In addition to swimming a couple times at beautiful Siesta Key Beach and visiting my Aunt Bernice (88 years old), we both ate well, sat a lot with books, and I sent my usual batch of around 30 postcards.

On the left is an image of a famous Salvador Dali painting,
Daddy Longlegs of the Evening Hope (1940), that appealed to me when we visited in Saint Petersburg the Salvador Museum, a stunner of a place.

I look forward to a return visit, especially as during his stay in the United States (1940-1948) Dali took a liking to baseball, as the image to the right, Untitled (Baseball and Ballerina), suggests.

If you get a chance, pay the museum a visit.

The picture of the Glossy Ibis that tops this blog entry comes from the pond by which my mother-in-law's house sits. I also found an excellent if unusual place to take pictures of other large wading birds, in the trash bin behind a shopping center.

As the shot on the left indicates, Wood Storks are not amongst the most attractive birds, especially on the ground; and the immature stork pictured here reinforces the bird's less-than-endearing looks.

But what beautiful creatures in flight.

I posted a few pictures that include the White Ibis that concludes this entry.

White Ibis

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